Professional Trainer Gym

Professional Trainer Gym



Furniture design / interior
design / architecture / project

Logotype / stationery /
promotional material

Branding & Interior

Branding and interior for a new personal training business with private consultation and workout space.

Mimetico was commissioned to create a complete brand experience for this new personal trainer, located in a Marylebone townhouse.

We designed a brand identity to reflect the client’s optimistic personality, body-positive inclusive focus, and their target audience. This visual language was then extended throughout the physical and online operations.

The workout equipment, services and medical kit are all housed in bespoke systems of interconnecting furniture; the natural colour palette and subtle lighting, contrasting against the sleek chrome and black equipment, creates a motivating and energising environment.

We replaced the existing climate-cooled AC with a complete concealed HVAC system throughout the 5-storey building, to provide the optimal training atmosphere.