Sculpture Gallery, Knightsbridge



Creative Direction / Designer / Furniture design 

Project Management / Styling

Interior Design & Bespoke Furniture

Wrightson & Platt are internationally-renowned lifecasting sculptors who commissioned Mimetico to redesign their Knightsbridge showroom.

We took as our theme the Cabinets of Curiosities popular amongst collectors in the C17-20th, with the style of engraving that was used for illustrations in that era.

Every cabinet display was designed as a bespoke object in Victorian character, with the attention to detail carried through to the contemporary display drawers and the bijou kitchen. We commissioned an illustrator to create wallpaper throughout the interior, designed at actual size and extended seamlessly over the built-in cupboards.

We worked with the sculptors to subtly refine their logo so that it reflected the elegance and quirkiness of the new showroom. As an exquisite finishing touch, the client cast her arm in bronze to create the stunning swing sign above the exterior canopy.