Sculpture Gallery: Printed Material

Sculpture Gallery: Printed material


Creative Direction / Brand design / Packaging / 

Art direction / Marketing materials 

Advertising / Company communications

Packaging, Stationery & Presentation

For the showroom launch of lifecasting sculpture studio Wrightson & Platt, Mimetico designed a luxurious array of packaging and promotional items.

Gorgeously sumptuous, every detail has been considered from monogrammed ribbons to beautiful presentation boxes. Gold embossed typography, suede pouches and exquisite closures reflect the precious nature of the artefacts. Stationery, invitations, press packs and promotional gifts develop the theme of Victorian engravings, becoming coveted collectibles in their own right.

Charms were cast in bronze and sterling silver for the invitations to the launch, and gifts for the guests.

Made with artful engineering in high quality materials, the packaging has been produced not only to display the products beautifully but also to survive the rigours of international customs and deliveries.