Sculpture Gallery: Showroom Graphics

Sculpture Gallery: Showroom graphics



Conceptual design /
3 dimensional design

Art direction / Bespoke Displays

Window displays & Visual Merchandising

World class lifecasting artists Denise Wrightson and Vicky Platt originally drew inspiration from Queen Victoria’s desire to capture the memory of her nine children by having intricate sculptures made of their hands and feet.

To create showroom promotional displays we developed a theme based around eccentric Victoriana, conjuring up the spirit of a magical Cabinet of Curiosities. Notices are enhanced with engraving-style surrounds; an interactive iPad display is framed within a toy-museum illustration. A large bespoke leather-bound tome announces seasonal products and services (updated images are cleverly ‘tipped in’ from behind the page), perched on a bespoke walnut book stand and held in place with laser-cut acrylic clock hands.

Each display item was designed in house at Mimetico, and commissioned from some of London’s finest craftspeople.

Sculpture Gallery: Showroom graphics